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  • CHANGE THE CHANNEL! In a doctor’s office, gym, coffee shop where Fox is on? Just say “Please CHANGE THE CHANNEL.” You'll be surprised at how a polite request can get results and how discussing Fox's toxicity can lead to fruitful conversations … and increased public awareness. Please visit our friends, Defenders of Democracy Against Disinformation, for details and updates.

  • UNFOX YOUR CABLE BOX! Hit them where it hurts: the wallet. Fox draws enormous revenue by bundling their propaganda machine with entertainment channels, which you pay for monthly through cable subscriptions. What can you do? Demand that your cable provider strip Fox News from your subscription. This is a growing and effective action. 

  • GET FOX OFF OUR MILITARY BASES!  A significant number of the January 6th insurrectionists came from the military, where Fox plays in barracks, workplaces, and other common areas. Our troops are often a captive audience – unwittingly exposed to Rupert Murdoch’s radicalizing propaganda – on our tax dollars! 

       PLEASE TWEET AT Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin, III (@SecDef), General Mark A. Milley (@thejointstaff) and President Biden                  (@POTUS) and tell them: GET FOX OFF OUR MILITARY BASES!


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