Take Action!

  • ​START A TRUTH TUESDAYS CAMPAIGN IN YOUR HOMETOWN! Access free downloadable protest art here. We update our flyers and posters on a regular basis, to cut through all the noise from Fox and set the record straight. Please contact us with ideas for new signs! We are always open to suggestions and would be happy to implement new ideas into signs accessible anywhere! 

  • GET YOUR FOX LIES TEE-SHIRT AND OTHER PROTEST SWAG HERE! We don't make a dime from these sales, but we take pride in working with artist-activists who care about confronting extremist rightwing propaganda. The Fox Lies tee-shirt is an instant conversation starter wherever you go. When you wear it with friends, it makes an undeniable statement!


  • CHANGE THE CHANNEL! Whenever you come across Fox playing on a publicly displayed TV screen, just ask someone with access to change the channel. Doctors office? Gym? Coffee shop? Just ask! You'd be surprised at how a polite request can get results and how discussing Fox's toxicity can lead to fruitful conversations…and increased public awareness. Please visit our friends, Defenders of Democracy Against Disinformation, for details and updates.  

  • UNFOX YOUR CABLE BOX! Hit them where it hurts: the wallet. Fox draws enormous revenue by bundling their propaganda machine with entertainment channels, which you pay for monthly through cable subscriptions. What can you do? Demand that your cable provider strip Fox News from your subscription. This is a growing and effective action. 

Truth Tuesdays is a grassroots direct-action network dedicated to defeating Fox News’ multibillion-dollar disinformation machine.